Nearest Car Solution Finder

The Android Nearest Car Solution Finder App is an app to display nearest Car Problem solver stuff list and also details like address, position with mapview, reviews and rate about that car dealer, gas station, wash house, rental etc that comes with awesome UI design.This application is helpful for a person if he sudden face any problem with his vehicle.
This app will save your time in creating an app for yours or your client.
Just Import it And Compile it for Google Play Store

Key Features :

  • Material Design Concept
  • Working depends on User position (Using GoogleApiClient)
  • Pulling Data from Google (No need to Add anything)
  • Easily Add Fullpage and Banner AdMob Advertisement
  • Easy to change App Splash Screen, Background, Logo etc
  • Full Native(Java) Android Application and Source Code included
  • Well Guided documentation


[+] 25-10-2016

  • + Android 6 new permission system
  • + Search option

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