Windz – Music streaming service WordPress plugin

Turn ANY WORDPRESS THEME into a music streaming service, like Spotify, Apple music, Google Play Music, Microsoft Groove Music, Tidal, Deezer, Napster etc.

The quickest way to launch your own music streaming service!

Windz allows you to create a Fully-fledged All-in-one music player with Supercharged features (HTML5 Player, ID3 Tags Reader and more).

Windz turn your WP Media Library into a music streaming service. It reads the ID3 tags of your mp3 files and index the Artist, Album and Genre, auto-generating pages and playlists for everything.

This way you don’t need to manually create every single song/album/artist/genre and attach a MP3 file to it (which would take ages). Just drag & drop your MP3 files and Windz will generate everything for you.

Do you have another need or idea? Please share with me and we can discuss a new feature. Contact me here: [email protected]

Create your own sandbox and try the plugin


How to create your own sandbox:


Hero Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

Hero Slider WordPress Plugin

Hero Slider features extensive configuration options along with the ability to add individual elements, each with their own animation settings. Best of all, this functionality is accessed through the first genuinely easy to use, simple drag-and-drop interface in slider builder history.

Truth! No other slider builder allows you to create awesome sliders so easily and quickly.

Sliders and Layers

  • Unlimited layers per slide
  • Multiple sliders per page
  • Detailed documentation

Dynamic Content

  • WooCommerce
  • Posts

Video Support

  • Video background
  • Video element on slide
  • Auto pause slide when video is playing
  • Autoplay video on/off
  • Vimeo, YouTube or self hosted

Slide Settings

  • Autostart slideshow on/off
  • Pause slide on hover on/off
  • Pause slide while video is playing
  • Easily change slide order

User Friendly

  • Legendary HeroPlugins style UI
  • Super easy, intuitive backend
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Add URL to any element

Works with any theme

  • Add slider by use of shortcode
  • Works on all PC and Mobile browsers
  • IE9 and up


  • 10 button styles and animations
  • 10 next/back arrow styles
  • Different pager styles
  • All Google fonts included

Browser Support

  • Supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari Opera and IE
  • IE9 and up
  • Mobile browser support

Great Support

  • Dedicated support team
  • Quick support turnaround
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Video help guides
  • Free updates for life


  • Greensock animation engine jQuery HTML5


Advanced Music Player – WordPress plugin

Advanced Music Player

This plugin let you create a music website in wordpress. you post music with custom image and details inside player easy and speedy. Also playing music inside the facebook like soundcloud but image and description included.


  • Flash / HTML5 Music Player
  • Easy post , Easy share
  • Works on Mobile Phones
  • Play correctly inside facebook (both HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Embedding correctly in any web page

Click on Live Preview button and test it …

Player Includes :

  • Play/Pause
  • Time control
  • Volume control (also arrow key shortcut)
  • Image
  • Track Name
  • Artist
  • Description
  • Loaded Time (Total Time)
  • Current Time


Quotr – Quote Management Plugin for WordPress

Quotr allows you to create quotation forms for use on your WordPress site. The system allows you to handle creation of quote forms as well as the entire quotation process from start to finished.

You start by creating the fields you want for your form – maybe a text box, maybe a select menu, a few radio buttons etc. This is all customisable. After your form has been created, you will be provided with a shortcode to use in your WordPress theme. You can use the shortcode in the text editor of any WordPress page or post.

Once a customer has filled out your quote form and sent it, you will be notified by email. The customer will also get a ‘thank you’ email which you can set in the plugin settings.

You can then view the quotes inside the plugin’s “My Quotes” section, and respond to each quote as required. When you respond to the quote, an email is sent to the customer (again, you can customise this email) with the price and an optional file attachment.


My Profile – Profile Editing WordPress Plugin

WARNING! When viewing the demo site using the Live Preview button above, be sure to click the Remove Frame button as the bar causes some problems with the links on the pages

Allowing users to edit there own profile (including image) really helps transforms a website into a community. The My Profile WordPress plugin allows you to add the profile editing functionality easily by dropping a shortcode into an existing or new page. Designed to be as easy to install and set up as possible it only takes a few minutes to get working.

26/01/2013 V1.5: The first major update to the plugin has added 2 new shortcodes that make it easy to print the users profile image and any detail about them needed to a page.

04/03/2013 V2.0: Added the ability to ask users for custom information in the profile editing form. This can then be printed to the screen with another shortcode that comes with this plugin or from another plugin or theme by using the WordPress get_user_meta() function.

17/03/2013 V2.5: Users may choose there own display name from a drop down on the profile edit form.


User Profile Editing

With a shortcode dropped into a page you instantly create a profile editing section on your website for registered users to alter there personal details without having to go into wp-admin. This is great to keep your brand consistently active during the visitors entire journey.

User Photo Add/Remove

Bring your website alive with color & graphics by allowing users to easily add there photo or brand image. Another simple shortcode makes it easy to add this to a page (requires the free plugin User Photo from to handle the image moderation).

Easy To Install & Set Up

The beauty of this plugin is that there is no settings. Just install and you can be allowing visitors to edit there profiles in minutes. Styling can be easily altered by even the lower end web designers.

Works With

All major browsers. Minimal styling applied, id’s and class’es used as much as possible to allow for easy customization. Looks and feels fine straight out of the box.

Auto Updates

This plugin contains our auto update script so that you get notified through your websites back-end as soon as an update is available for this plugin. Updating is a simple 1 click process


Use the Comments or FAQ system above to ask questions if you get stuck and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


WHMpress – WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin

Tested with WP 4.7, WHMCS.7.1 & PHP7 Current Version. 3.1.1 (21 December, 2016)

Meet WHMpress, the best of WHMCS WordPress Integration tailored for small & medium hosts. It is more practical than any other integration/ WHMCS Bridge , an out of the box idea of integration that adds maximum value to your hosting business. Showing WHMCS Packages, Price Lists and Order Buttons was not so easy without WHMpress. Choose WHMpress and you don’t need anything else to run your hosting business more smartly yet smoothly.

Live WHMCS WordPress Integration with ShortCode Examples

WHMpress is made for web hosts with flexibility in mind. It is highly customizable to (so it can match) your existing website design. It will eleminate to go back and forth between WordPress and WHMCS to accommodate price, package changes. Go for WHMpress to get the maximum peace of mind.

Support Documentation Videos

A professional plugin developed for professional webhosting companies

WHMpress fetches your hosting plan names, prices, order links & domain lists from WHMCS and shows in the form of fancy pricing tables, order combos, order buttons & domain price tables. It offers you Shortcodes to insert these components into your WordPress webhosting site exactly the way you want and where you want. WHMpress provide you with the tools that help you make webhosting site as good as hosting giants.

Built from scratch by a Webhosting company with a deep love for WHMCS. WHMpress is your last stop with all the tools you need to make a perfect webhosting site out of WordPress and WHMCS, a fully loaded WHMCS Bridged and Integrated website to give you more options to display your webhosting services.

WHMCS WordPress Integration compatible with Visual Composer

What People Say about WHMpress (WHMCS WordPress) Integration Concept

Logo Top 7 WHMpress Features

1. MultiCurrency

WHMpress offers multi-currency pricing, let your end user to select currency from within WP site while browsing the website. (not while placing the order) [ Video ]

2. Shortcodes Templates (Skins)

WHMpress allows you to change the face of all shortcodes offers. This is very usefull when you plan to match complex pricing tables with your existing WP themes. More than 10 Pricing table templates/ layouts are included + Plus many more matching with famous themes. You can add as many as you may like[ Demo ]

3. Cache

WHMpress caches your prices, domains lists and everything else needed into WordPress, so it does not have to fetch it from WHMCS every time, giving you ultimate performance.

4. Auto Calculated Discounts

WHMpress isn’t just for replicating pricing from WHMCS. Its WP WHMCS integration goes one step further with calculating discounts that you are offering on multi-year pricing and show right into pricing tables and order links. Showing visitors how much they will save is a proven way to increase sales [ Demo ]

5. Matching Pricing tables (and other components) for Famous Hosting Themes

WHMpress offers matching componenets for most wiedly used themes. What does means? When you place a pricing table in Avada, WHMpress will fetch prices from WHMCS and output it as an Avada matching Pricing Table [ Video ] .
You do not have to play with CSS to match pricing table and other components with your theme. Matching components are being offered for following themes.

3clicks demo | Avada demo
| Alaska demo | InHost demo | and more …

If matching components for your theme are not available as yet send us a request here, we will make matching shortcode templates add it in next update.

Following themes have gone a step further to offer an awsome WHMPress integration for their users.

Best themes for WHMCS WP Integration

Videos   Support

6. Extremly flexible Ajax Domain Search

Ajax domain search with a lot of options to play, right inside your WP. Search and home page but show results on your domain page. [ Video ]

7. Multilingual Package Name & Details

Override Package/Service Name/ Details according to language.

And a whole list of features that you will not find with any other WP-WHMCS bridge or WP-WHMCS Integration solution. … scroll down for more.

Ajax based domain search fully integrated with WHMCS

Over 540+ whois servers and growing with easy interface to add more whois server.

  • Supports New Domains
  • Support all cctlds (with or without whois server)
  • Multiple instances supported Do not limit the domain search to one page only, Put the search box on top bar, slider or home page and redirect the results to your domain page.
  • 540+ Domains supported
  • Display suggested domains through Ajax (watch demo here)
  • Bulk search option
  • 4 different Shortcodes to suit your specific needs.
  • Separate shortcodes for domain search and display results for ultimate flexibility.

Fully Customize your Messages for

  • Customize domain not available message
  • Customize domain available message
  • Custom text for “domain search button
  • Customize place holder for domain search box
  • Customize domain not available message for ongoing suggestions
  • Change no of suggestions to show in each refresh through Ajax
  • Option to show your top selling tlds at top

Over 40+ pricing tables designs to choose from, filled with data from your WHMCS. Just Insert and Use.

Logo Multilingual (WPML Compatible)

WHMpress is now multilingual ready and support WordPress standard translation method using .po/.mo files. All strings are ready for translation for both backend and frontend. Currently available translations:

You can participate to improve translations and add your own language to WHMpress. Contributions are credited in documentation and on this page. Sign up as a translator with

Logo Extremely Flexible

Since beginning we knew our users will be Hosts themselves (and not end users), so we have made WHMpress with flexiblity in mind. It is flexible enough to adopt to any theme and change any shape. Consider this, Price shortcode (use to show price of a product) have over 10 parameters that you can use to customize pricing.

Logo Admin Area

Everything is managed through admin area and mostly you do not even need to visit WHMCS for vital product related information.

Logo Shortcode Defaults

This is a feature you will rarely see in any plugin. For power users, they can set default values for every shortcode in admin panel. This helps them to avoid setting up parameters for every shortcode while inserting.

Logo Integrated but Isolated

Worried about your WHMCS security and server and clients data? WHMCS password is never stored. Your WHMCS is 100% secure even if your front end WP compromises It is a secure WP-WHMCS Bridge solution.

Logo High Speed

WHMpress caches your WHMCS configurations into WordPress once and then use it from within the WordPress. This is how WHMCS Bridge is created without compromising speed and security.

Logo Simple Setup:

All you need to do is enter your WHMCS information once, and let WHMPress do the magic. It cannot get simpler than that. If you are familiar with WordPress and have a working site, it takes less than an hour to uplift your web-hosting business with best WHMCS WordPress Integration.

Logo Plenty of ShortCodes

We have a shortcode for every thing. There are more than 25 Shortcodes (With VisualComposer Components)

  • Pricing
    • Product Price
    • Price Matrix Products
    • Pricing tables
    • Price boxes
    • Price Matrix Domains
  • Order
    • Order button
    • Order combo (with auto discount calculations)
    • Order links & URLs
  • Domain
    • Domain Search
    • Domain Whois
    • Ajax Domain Search (with name spinner)
    • Domain Search Extended (Search all 540 domains)
    • Bulk domain search
    • Sitewide domain search (search from any page & land results on domains page)
    • Client Area (Addon)
    • Login Form
    • WHMCS Links
  • Other
    • Currency
    • Live Currency Changer/ Currency Select (let user to select currency)
    • Package Name/ Info
    • Announcements
  • And more….

Logo Extendable

WHMpress is extendable through Addons covering all the functionality that you need

  • WHMPress Client Area Bridge (alternate to WHMCS-bridge)
  • Packge/ VPS hosting Slider (A fancy slider into your WP with special few clicks) – Under-development: ETA end of Febuaray
  • Auto-comparison Tables (No need to make comparison tables by hand, just select packages and let WHMpress intelligently handle the rest) – Under-development: ETA end of Febuaray

Latest Customer on WHMpress (WHMCS-WordPress Integration Plugin)

Logo We listen…

We are in webhosting business just like you are, and we listen to you by all means. All feedback is positively welcomed.

Logo Some of hosts using WHMpress

Logo Updates

Current Version. 3.1.1 (21th December, 2016)
Change log :

“There is no other plugin like this, free or paid in the market. WHMpress is being offered exclusively on CodeCanyon.”

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Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Finally, Simple Industrial Strength Live Chat Software Stuffed Into an Inexpensive WordPress Plugin.

Fact Is… You Used To Have To Spend a Small Fortune For Sales-Boosting Tech Like This.

As a WordPress and Joomla! developer over many years, I have installed all sorts of Live Chat tools for my clients. I’m amazed at the cost of many of these tools for something that is basically an expanded email system. I decided to put a Simple Live Chat Plugin together for the every day WordPress website or blog. If you have an online business or cart where you are in front of your computer most of the day, why not add another layer to your business by adding a Simple Live Chat? It’s a great way to respond to potential customers. Watch the conversion rates go through the ceiling!

Our Simple Live Chat Plugin is extremely Easy to Use, Easy to Configure, and Easy to Set Up. Here are the basic features:

• You can set the chat to Online or Offline — If you’re Offline, then visitors can send a message to you… If you’re Online, then they can chat live with you

• You’ll hear a beep on your computer when someone starts chatting with you

Chat with multiple users easily, our plugin allows multiple users at the same time

• You can change the color of the Live Chat skin to anything — very customizable

• You can change the name of the Live Chat

• Unlike other Live Chat Plugins where the only option is displaying the Chat Module in the bottom right corner, you can choose Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right

• You can chat live with anyone who’s thinking of buying your product or service so you’ll explode your conversion rate

• You can even engage with blog readers to build a relationship if you want

• You used to have to shell out a small fortune for chat software this powerful

• You can either go get something like this created for around $800 or you can get it now for a tiny fraction of that

Screen Captures of the Settings in the Administration area

Set Online or Offline if you are away

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - Set Plugin On or Off

Beep Notification On or Off

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - Beep On or Off

Display Right or Left

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - Right or Left

Display Top or Bottom

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - Top or Bottom

Set the Color of the Live Chat

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - set Color of Live Chat

Customize the Title

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - Set the Title

Set the Welcome Message

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - Set the Welcome Message

For more information, check out my YouTube Video

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin YouTube Video

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin - YouTube Video


Ultimate Google web fonts – WordPress plugin

Live demo (saving changes is disabled)

If you like the plugin, please don’t forget to rate it, thanks

Ultimate Google Web Fonts is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly access all of Google’s open source web fonts, preview and use them with any theme. List of available fonts is updated from Google automatically, and currently there are more than 670 800 fonts to choose from (August 2016).

With its unique system for previewing fonts on any WordPress theme, it is fun and easy to use. You can take full control over typography in your theme in a matter of minutes.


  • Live, instant preview of any Google Web font with any theme
  • Loads latest list of fonts automatically from Google’s servers
  • Locator tool: enables you to easily find the selector you need, just point-and-click (see live demo)
  • Top-notch performance: only 1 css file and one style block for any number of fonts added
  • Supports all available font variants (e.g. light, bold, italic, black, etc.)
  • Allows additional custom CSS for each font (e.g. red color, etc.)
  • Ajaxed, easy interface
  • Plugin settings import/export
  • Simple plugin installation – upload & activate
  • Auto plugin update notifications
  • Localization ready (.mo, .po files)

Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

If you’re Magento, Drupal, Joomla developer and you think we can port this plugin to other platforms, contact me from my profile page.

Front-end interface:

Ultimate Google Web Fonts fronend interface

Admin plugin settings:

Ultimate Google Web Fonts admin interface

June 2013         -     v1.21     - Fixed small bug with default plugin settings
May 2013         -     v1.2     - Locator tool, faster interface and font list proxy
March 2013      -    v1.1     - interface improvements and better font previewing
October 2012    -    v1.01     - fixed paths problem, minor tweaks & performance improvements
October 2012    -    v1.0      - Initial release
Checkout my other items:


Facebook Schedule Auto Post WordPress Plugin

Facebook Schedule Auto Post WordPress Plugin

Installation and working process

For Easy installation and working process follow here

Facebook schedule auto post wordpress plugin

Facebook schedule auto post is a wordpress plugin.This plugin is very useful and effective for whom,who want facebook schedule auto post,for his blog post or page.Or want to write something now and will auto post on specific time what already set on schedule.By using this plugin admin need to set specify 2 things,one is what will be time to auto post on facebook and another is what will be the post.Admin can select blog post or page as post,moreover admin can also wrote anything as post.It’s very easy to schedule a post.

User Guide:



  • Schedule a blog post as post
  • Schedule a page as post
  • Schedule any text as post
  • From list of post possible to check which is already post and which are waiting to posted
  • Logs system will keep all information what will helpful to check what happengin behind the scene

Steps to use:

  • Authorize developer key
  • Schedule a post
  • Follow list of post is that post or waiting to post
  • If not posted then check log why not posted

User Guide:



For any query or problem feel free to contact with me in my mail([email protected])


Ultimate Support Chat – WordPress Chat Plugin

Ultimate Support Chat – WordPress plugin. Great chat with No monthly fees.

Widget Customizer Video

  • One click installation
  • Widget can be deployed on entire site, or on selected pages
  • 100% customizable widget with a built in real-time widget customizer
  • Works with any browser on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Multiple operators and guests chatting
  • Operators can invite visitors to chat
  • High quality graphics, backgrounds, headers and ajax uploading support
  • 7 sets of high quality avatar libraries included
  • Custom built Emoji picker with 700 Emoji icons, 9 Emoji categories, including an auto-updating recently used Emoji
  • Operator knows which page the guest is currently visiting
  • Operator is typing and User is typing indication
  • Both operators and visitors can terminate the chat
  • Multiple operators can chat with the same visitor and transfer the chat to other operators
  • Desktop Notifications for incoming chats
  • Sound notifications with high quality sounds selection
  • Narrow / Wide mode for the chat widget
  • Chat history
  • Download and email chat transcripts
  • Multiple views, lists, including a real-time interactive world map!
  • Prepared messages (canned messages)
  • SSL support
  • No monthly fees
  • Fast and friendly author support


    WordPress based website